Using the PharmSource Lead Sheet Icons to Identify Early Opportunities


Icons are everywhere! But don’t ignore the icons at the top of your weekly PharmSource Lead Sheet. These small symbols convey crucial information about drugs and financings being reported weekly in the Lead Sheet.

The I symbol denotes “Plans to initiate next-phase trial.” If your sweet spot is Phase II development and later, don’t ignore Phase I leads. You need to know what drugs are in Phase I to contact companies before the drug has moved into Phase II. The I symbol can save you time by identifying the best candidates. When a company has announced plans to initiate the next phase trial our research team will add the I symbol to the drug being reported. So you can easily identify drugs that are planning to move into Phase II, or whichever is your key drug phase of interest.

The + symbol provides integral information as well. These drugs have reported positive results which is, of course, a strong indicator of completion of a successful trial. It is important to view all drugs in your territory or by Dosage Form, API, or Therapeutic Area, however by identifying these specific drug leads you will be able to identify key opportunities even earlier.

The Lead Sheet also has another icon that alerts you to early-stage drug development opportunities. The “E” icon is used in the Corporate Finance section of the Lead Sheet to alert you to companies that have just received new funding and are working with an early-stage pipeline. Now that this company has money they are going to start early phase trials. These financings are prime opportunities as the company has money and very early stage drugs, two of the key elements you should be looking for when contacting a company.

All of these icons are searchable in the Search for Leads database. In addition to alerting you to companies that are receiving funding and developing early stage drugs, we identify the API Focus of the company if available.

So even though icons are everywhere, make sure you pay attention and don’t miss these important indicators of a good opportunity.

For questions about this feature or any other inquiries regarding the PharmSource Lead Sheet please contact me, Blythe Moore, at +1.703.383.4903 ext. 104 |

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