Using the PharmSource Lead Sheet for Trend Analysis


We aren’t just interested in weekly leads here at PharmSource, but in trends over months, and from year-to-year. The dashboard you land on each week when you click on your PharmSource Lead Sheet link immediately delivers you a visual depiction of weekly trends broken down in a variety of different ways, including by Development Phase (Figure 1a), APIs, Dosage Forms and Therapeutic Areas (Figure 1b). You can also see a breakdown of leads geographically and the number and amount of financings raised each month over the past year (Figure 2). During April, for example, our research team attended the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting (AACR) to identify cutting edge news on clinical oncology product developments; the results of our coverage are clear to see in the oncology leads reported in the Lead Sheet that week (Figure 3).

You can also quickly and easily create your own custom trend reports depending on your interests. Using any of the search features (Figure 4), you can pull targeted data and download it to Excel, where you can then graph it accordingly. I did this for a report on recent IPO activity, to learn how much money was raised in the last two years (Figure 5).

There also is a Trend Reports feature that lets you graph selected data at the push of a button (Figure 6). These trends can lend insight into what is currently happening in the industry and may even provide insight on what is ahead.

The Lead Sheet’s analytical tools can help you see everything from granular details on drug, device and diagnostic characteristics to macro trends over years. These features are easy to use, but any time you need help getting started, just let us know. We’re always happy to hear from our clients!

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Brooke is a Senior Research Analyst at PharmSource, and heads the PharmSource Lead Sheet research team. Prior to joining the company in 2005, Brooke was a Scientific Research Assistant for a biotechnology company in Sydney, Australia. Brooke has a BS degree in Biotechnology with Honours from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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