True or False: Annual reviews improve employee sales performance


According to a study done by SHRM, 97% of its member organizations conduct regular performance reviews, yet just 2% received a grade of “A” for effectively managing performance reviews. Done right, annual performance evaluations require a significant time commitment from sales managers, and this time suck grows exponentially based on the size of the sales team. Do your performance evaluations result in measurable improvements in individuals’ sales performance?

There may be a less cumbersome way to both assess and improve sales performance. In Tough Love Performance Reviews, in 10 Minutes, Mona Patel gives a blueprint for 10-minute one-on-one evaluations that focus on two points:

  1. What one thing is the employee doing best? This is an opportunity to thank them for meaningful contributions.
  2. In what single area does the employee most need to improve? This gives them insight into what’s holding them back, and how they can develop professionally and personally.

By customizing how each employee is asked these questions, she shows how reviews can be framed to provide individuals with some choice in how their review is conducted, which enhances the effectiveness of the feedback. According to Patel, implementing this approach has yielded improvements in team dynamics and has helped individual employees be more empowered and effective on the job.

For info on the SHRM study, click here.
To see the HBR article, Tough Love Performance Reviews, in 10 Minutes, click here.

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