Mixed Signals: Understanding the Outlook for Pharma R&D Spending Through 2015

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• Jim Miller, President, PharmSource
• Saul Richmond, Ph.D., Director of Market Intelligence, PharmSource

The pharmaceutical R&D services market is sending conflicting signals: new clinical trial starts are down, IPOs are up and start-ups are having trouble raising funding. With such contradictory information, how can R&D service providers reasonably assess their prospects for the next 2-3 years?

PharmSource’s on-demand webinar, Mixed Signals: Understanding the Outlook for R&D Spending Through 2015, helps CROs and CDMOs understand what to expect for their businesses over the coming 24 to 36 month timeframe.

This data-intensive on-demand webinar provides an expert outlook for bio/pharma R&D based on extensive analysis of R&D spending and financial trends. Get in on important information from PharmSource’s considerable knowledge of the industry and gain valuable insights on what’s driving R&D spending and whether those changes bode well for contract services providers.

If you want important expert insight into the likely demand for clinical and CMC development services over the next few years, this on-demand webinar will help inform your key business decisions in 2014 and beyond.

Published February 2014