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PharmSource’s accurate, insightful Trend Reports provide context and meaning that’s critical to decision-makers in the bio/pharma contract services arena. Our experts identify trends and forecast changes – delivering the knowledge and understanding necessary to achieve optimal strategic outcomes.

Bio/Pharma CapEx Trends: Sponsor Spending on In-House Capacity Trounces Outsourcing

Investment in captive manufacturing capacity by bio/pharma companies is an indicator of the industry’s intentions with respect to outsourcing. Based on recent capital expenditure trends, it’s clear that…

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European Drug Pricing to Impact CMO Profitability and Performance

This PharmSource Report, Not So NICE: How Market Access Schemes Impact the CMO Sector, presents detailed research and analysis of how European drug-rationing policies could affect pharmaceutical manufacturing profitability – and future operations – in the EU, US and…

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Future of CMO Cytotoxic Injectables Capacity

This extensive study, The Demand and Supply for Contract Manufacturing of Cytotoxic Injectable Drugs Through 2019, presents a detailed analysis of CMO industry capacity and the projected demand in the next five years and beyond. The research is based on an expert analysis of cytotoxic injectable drugs in the pipeline, including antibody drug conjugates (ADC)s, and…

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CMO Market Penetration as Evidenced by Outsourced NDA Approvals

This annual Market Intelligence Briefing examines NDA activity as an indicator of global bio/pharma outsourcing behavior by analyzing NDA approvals for the prior year and approval trends for the most recent 5-year period. In this year’s edition, we see contract manufacturing trends that…

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Webinar – Mixed Signals

This on-demand webinar provides valuable insight into what’s driving R&D spending and whether those changes bode well for contract services providers. PharmSource president Jim Miller delivers…

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The Demand and Supply for Contract Manufacturing of
Conventional Injectable Drugs Through 2019

This extensive study analyzes and estimates the demand and supply for contract injectable manufacturing through 2019. It covers the latest trends for outsourcing of commercially approved injectable products by the major pharmaceutical and bio/pharmaceutical companies, and includes a companion study on contract cytotoxic injectable drugs…

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