Not So NICE: How Market Access Schemes Impact the CMO Sector

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This 15-page expert analysis explains why economic austerity forces Europe’s state-funded health-care systems to limit patient access to just those pharmaceuticals with clearly proven health and cost benefits. Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) should prepare themselves for similar de-facto drug rationing in the United States and elsewhere.

This Trend Report presents detailed research and analysis of how European drug-rationing policies could affect pharmaceutical manufacturing profitability – and future operations – in the EU, US and elsewhere.

PharmSource’s expert researchers examine in-depth how European health systems in the United Kingdom and Germany have impacted drug approvals in the past several years – and the consequences of those drug-approval regimens and pricing policy decisions for CMOs.

Who should buy this report?

This 15-page report provides information that you won’t find in any other source. This report is required reading for:

• CMO executives
• Bio/pharmaceutical sourcing and procurement executives
• Private equity investors

Published June 2014