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The definitive report on the CMO industry composition, size,
market share, profitability and outlook is now available.


Dose CMOs by the Numbers: Composition, Size, Market Share, Profitability and Outlook—2015 Edition

This timely, in-depth report delivers detailed insights on industry growth, structure, market shares and profitability. It analyzes the challenges that will make it difficult for the industry to duplicate its recent performance, when the CMO industry grew at twice the rate of the bio/pharmaceutical industry overall. CMO/CDMO executives and their investors must be alerted to this forecast and its implications. This expert outlook for the industry includes:

  • Detailed industry snapshot: participant demographics, market size, market shares and profitability.
  • In-depth quantitative assessment: industry growth drivers and the likely strategic response of leading CMOs.

This 37-page report includes an Executive Summary, and chapters on Industry Composition and Size, CMO Market Shares, and CMO Profitability. The concluding chapter, entitled What it Means, provides further analysis and assesses the implications for the dose CMO industry. The report includes appendices on methodology.

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