CMO Scorecard: Outsourcing of NDA Approvals and CMO Performance – 2017 Edition

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Where’s your place in the CMO hierarchy? Find out in the CMO industry’s authoritative analysis of manufacturing of NDA approvals. This CMO scorecard was compiled through hundreds of professional hours of research and analysis, and is presented in a 40-page report with over 30 graphs and tables. Only CMO Scorecard enables the CMO industry to benchmark its performance over time, and CMOs to benchmark their performance against the industry.

Our research team crunched the numbers on 2016 drug approvals authorized by FDA’s CDER, CBER, Fast Track and Breakthrough drugs, and selected EMA approved drugs. For the first time, we are including information on the location of outsourced dose manufacturing facilities.

PharmSource’s data-rich Trend Report, CMO Scorecard: Outsourcing of NDA Approvals and CMO Performance – 2017 Edition, concludes that 2016 was not a halcyon year for new drug approvals with only 25 NMEs approved since 2010.

Who should buy this report?

The 40-page report provides important insight that you won’t find in any other source. This report is required reading for:

  • CMOs: market trends, strategic planning, competitive intelligence, performance benchmarking
  • Bio/Pharma: supplier performance benchmarking, market trends, competitive intelligence
  • Private equity and Stock analysts: target identification and analysis, portfolio company performance benchmarking

Published March 2017