Time for a Sales Shift? Process Selling Vs. Insight Selling


The nature and scale of opportunities for contract services providers is changing, and the focus in the bio/pharma pipeline is moving from late stage to early stage candidates. There also is growing interest in bundled services, and ever-smaller companies are establishing preferred provider relationships.

Is your business development organization up to the challenges of this changing contract services market? A recently-published article suggests that practices that formerly drove success actually may have a reverse effect under different conditions. In their article, Dismantling the Sales Machine (Harvard Business Review Blog), Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon, and Nicholas Toman say that customers need a more consultative approach based on the informed intuition and knowledge of experienced sales reps.

This “new” sales model calls on salespeople to take a flexible, creative approach that frees them from the confines of more rigid processes. Insight selling, say the authors, “favors creative and adaptable sellers who challenge customers with disruptive insights into their business—and offer unexpected solutions.” Click here to read the blog posting.