8 of the 10 largest global bio/pharmaceutical
companies rely on PharmSource Strategic Advantage.

If you procure or manage contract drug development and manufacturing services, streamline your research and decision-making with PharmSource’s STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE.

The PharmSource STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE proprietary database platform includes:

Contract Service Providers
Find more partners to expand your global supplier network. Sort through hundreds of CMOs and
CDMOs around the world in minutes, discovering their detailed capabilities, client relationships, products manufactured, M&A activity, financials and much more.

Emerging Markets Manufacturers
Identify manufacturing and packaging facilities in emerging markets, including facilities of bio/pharma companies that may offer excess capacity. Overcome the challenge of finding in-country manufacturing partners when there are few CMO options.

Approved Drug Products
Find CMO partners based on their experience with approved products that share your technical requirements. Qualify CMOs based on their outsourcing relationships for known branded products. A Who’s Who of manufacturing relationships since 2005.

Trend Reports and In-Depth Analyses
Deepen your industry knowledge with data-rich trend reports and monthly and quarterly briefings that provide you with invaluable input for decision-making and strategic planning.

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“For all practical purposes, PharmSource Strategic Advantage serves as an essential partner for our sourcing and procurement groups. With this, we are way ahead on vendor selection and always abreast of important market developments.”

–Sr. Director of Market Intelligence