Sales Management: High Quality Leadership, Higher Returns


Here’s a parallel between sales and operations: when it comes to efficiency and productivity, the higher the quality of leadership, the better the results. A recent posting on looks at this from the perspective of human resources leadership in manufacturing plants. But it applies equally to sales management. The article notes that the two skills considered to be the most critical also were assessed as the weakest:

  • Fostering creativity (sales example: encouraging innovative ways of handling objections)
  • Leading across countries and cultures (sales example: driving global growth with effective communication skills)

In the operations world, they found that investment in building leadership skills was immensely beneficial, and resulted in significantly improved corporate financial performance. They recommend designing programs that will foster these skills and help prepare staff to meet challenges. The importance of developing leaders with appropriate risk-taking, communications and innovation skills is essential to driving growth – in sales as well as in operations.

To read the article by Development Dimensions International, click here.

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