Prospect Profile: Immune Design Corp.


Prospect Profile highlights a newly funded bio/pharmaceutical company. This includes important insights into the featured company’s product pipeline, manufacturing and business relationships, and likely sourcing opportunities.

Immune Design Corp. is a U.S. public pharmaceutical company that develops therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of infectious and malignant disease. As reported in the July 31, 2014 issue of the PharmSource Lead Sheet, Immune Design raised $60 million in the completion of an IPO.

Corporate Highlights

  • Immune Design Corp. was incorporated in Delaware in February 2008.
  • Corporate Headquarters: Seattle, Washington – 11,000 square feet of office and laboratory space.
  • Facility: South San Francisco, CA – 2,058 square feet of office space.
  • As of June 19, 2014, Immune Design had 27 employees.

Sourcing Opportunities

  • Immune Design plans to use the proceeds to fund Phase II trials of CMB305, including completion of a randomized trial in a high-incidence tumor and an exploratory trial comparing LV305 and CMB305 in the same tumor types; to fund an additional Phase I trial of G100 in a second indication; and for working capital and general corporate purposes, including potential future development programs, early-stage R&D and continued development of the DCVex and GLAAS platform technologies.
  • The company has no internal manufacturing capabilities and relies on third-party manufacturers to produce bulk drug substance and formulated drug products as well as fill/finish required for clinical trials. The company plans to continue to rely upon CMOs to manufacture commercial quantities of product candidates.
  • Immune Design does not have a long-term commercial supply arrangement in place with any contract manufacturers at this time.
  • The company relies on CROs to conduct all clinical trials.
  • Immune design has no internal sales or marketing capability and may rely on alliances with others possessing such capabilities to commercialize its products.

Business Relationships

  • In October 2010, Immune Design entered into three separate license agreements with MedImmune pursuant to which the company granted MedImmune a worldwide, sub-licensable, exclusive license to use Immune Design’s Glucopyranosyl Lipid Adjuvant (GLA) technology, which has activity as a TLR4 agonist, and to develop and sell vaccines in three different infectious disease indications. Under the license agreements, MedImmune is obligated to develop and obtain regulatory approval for a licensed product in certain markets, and to market and sell licensed products in any country where it obtains regulatory approval.
  • In October 2011, Immune Design and Sanofi entered into an early-stage research collaboration to investigate the biological and immunological properties of GLA in vitro and in allergy disease models. Sanofi may select lead candidates for further development.
  • In May 2013, Immune Design entered into a nonexclusive license agreement granting Medicago a right to research, develop, and commercialize GLA in the field of pandemic influenza. Medicago paid an upfront payment of $0.5 million and is obligated to make up to $9.5 million in milestone payments.


Product Candidate Indication Dosage Form Status Next Anticipated Step
CMB305 LV305+G305 prime-boost Solid Tumors Parenteral Preclinical Plans to initiate Phase I trial
Food Allergy Vaccine (GLAAS Immunotherapy) Food Allergy Parenteral Preclinical TBA
G103 (HSV-2 Vaccine) Herpes Simplex Virus-2 Parenteral Preclinical TBA
G100 Intratumoral GLA-SE Merkel Cell Carcinoma Parenteral Phase I TBA
G305 GLA-SE+NY-ESO-1 protein Solid Tumors Parenteral Phase I Plans to evaluate G305 with LV305
LV305 NY-ESO-1 DCVex Solid Tumors Parenteral Phase I TBA
RSV Vaccine Respiratory Syncytial Virus Parenteral Phase I TBA



(In $ thousands) 2013 2012
Revenues 1,599 2,960
R&D Expenditures 11,554 8,604
General & Administrative Expenditures 4,433 3,713
Total Operating Expenses 13,835 16,656
Capital Expenditures 175 294


Contact Information

Immune Design Corp. Key Officers
1616 Eastlake Ave. E., Suite 310 Carlos V. Paya, MD, PhD, President & CEO
Seattle, WA 98102, USA Richard T. Kenney, MD, CMO
Phone: 206-682-0645 Jan Henrik ter Meulen, MD, CSO
Fax: 206-682-0648 Peter Berglund, Senior Director, Research
Web: Bentley Moyer, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

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