Product Alliances: Tip-Offs to New Sales Opportunities


In addition to covering the progress of products undergoing clinical trials, the PharmSource Lead Sheet also alerts you to deals between bio/pharma companies in which two companies share in funding the development and commercialization of a drug. These product alliances typically are categorized either as licensing deals or as deals based on specific R&D needs.

In addition to summarizing the relationship between the alliance partners, we also display the upfront payment and the total potential value of each deal. It provides you with a range of information on agreements between molecule originators and third parties, and covers everything from development and commercialization to licensing, marketing and distribution deals.

We want to highlight the value of the Product Alliances section of the Lead Sheet, because licensing represents a significant segment in the overall bio/pharma R&D strategy, and you can use this information to bolster your business development efforts. This can help you to leverage your relationships with both alliance parties, and also may facilitate the setting of optimal sales management priorities.

Make sure you regularly check out product alliances in the weekly Lead Sheet. You’ll find them under Product Deals in the left nav bar. Speaking of licensed products, recent research done by PharmSource experts found that in-licensing of New Molecular Entities is an important positive signal to the CDMO sector that a drug candidate is likely to be successful – and is more likely to be outsourced. This analysis is available in our Trend Report, Opportunity Knocks: In-Licensed Drug Products Can Signal Outsourcing Opportunity. To learn more, click here.

Blythe Moore is PharmSource’s Director of Account Management. She heads training and support and helps ensure a close working relationship with clients. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of North Carolina State University, she holds a BS degree in Biological Sciences. She’s had experience with customer service, sales and administration, and has a passion for the biological sciences.

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