PharmSource CMO-CDMO Database Expands Coverage to Include Approved Pharmaceutical Products: Intelligence Resource for Analyzing Bio/Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Building on its long-time reputation as a primary provider of market intelligence on bio/pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and development, PharmSource Information Services, Inc. (PharmSource) has announced it now offers an expanded resource for buyers and sellers of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services, which is known as PharmSource STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE online service.

FAIRFAX, VA. July 16, 2013 – The newest CMO-CDMO database offering from PharmSource is an
upgrade to the widely respected PharmSource STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE, and is a ready resource for deep insight into bio/pharmaceutical contract manufacturing trends based on key data that – until now – were difficult to find in a single, highly dependable source. New features in PharmSources’ STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE online service include research capabilities to:

  •  Identify approved pharmaceutical products by CMO/manufacturer, applicant name or by product
    characteristics (including dosage form, route of administration, injectable packaging type, API, and more).
  • Conduct searches for approved products by proprietary or generic product names, sponsor type, FDA and EU approvals, etc.
  •  Research pharmaceutical Merger & Acquisition activity by transaction nature, buyer or seller.
  •  Identify contract manufacturers by ownership type, including: government agency, not-for profit, private – management owned, private – venture capital owned, public company, unit of public company, university, etc. Search results include data on contract revenue ranges, when available.
  •  Download all search results into Excel, including side-by-side comparisons of contractor capabilities.

This new feature is extremely valuable, as it allows users to freely use PharmSource Strategic Advantage data as part of their vital internal tool-kit for understanding the industry and trends.

PharmSource STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE service adds important support for sourcing and procurement executives who regularly make outsourcing decisions and assess contract manufacturing partners. It gives them an excellent resource for conducting high-level strategic analyses, including the ability to quickly and easily compare contract manufacturers, both in the detailed manufacturing capabilities they offer, and in their product experience.

Contract manufacturers also find great value in PharmSource STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE as a primary
strategic planning and benchmarking resource to assess comparative capabilities, performance and product history. Just as important, it provides critical insight into likely future resource needs, identifying which pharmaceutical dosage forms have the greatest likelihood of being outsourced, and other critically important trends that drive major business decisions. It also is a resource for making trusted referrals.

For a limited time, a complimentary test-drive of PharmSource STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE is being offered to qualified companies. For more information, contact PharmSource’s Customer Service Department at +1-703-383-4903, ext. 101 /