Populating Your CRM with New Business Opportunities


Integrating the PharmSource Lead Sheet leads and contacts into your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) can be an important part of following up on the targeted new business opportunities you identify.

Many companies use the Lead Sheet very efficiently by diligently tagging appropriate leads and importing selective data into their CRMs. This ensures that incoming data is relevant to business development and marketing efforts.

The PharmSource Lead Sheet has a CRM Tools feature that simplifies and speeds the process of importing our data. Once you set up this feature, you’ll receive a customized Excel attachment via email every time a new issue of the Lead Sheet is broadcast. No additional downloading is needed, and this data can be readily imported using your CRM’s import functionality.

In addition to product and finance lead information you can download targeted contact names, titles and related data. Our research team is diligently working to fortify our research on contacts, further improving the quality of our contacts database. In addition, the CRM Contacts download now offers already-formatted direct email addresses, which we’ve generated using company email formats we have verified.

Lead Sheet clients who would like to set this up can contact me for a quick set-up session, or you can do this yourself any time:

  1. Click Drug Custom Export under CRM Tools at the top of any Lead Sheet issue.
  2. Select Option 1: Weekly Automated Delivery/CRM Export and select ON in Step 1.
  3. Select the sections of the Lead Sheet you want included in your spreadsheet and any filters that are applicable in Step 3. To receive the spreadsheet with contacts make sure you select title designations from the Contacts tab.
  4. Select Yes for the columns you want to include and rename the columns to match your CRM field names in Step 4.
  5. When you are done click Save at the bottom of the page.

You only have to set this up one time, and moving forward you will receive an email every Friday with customized Excel files attached based on your selections (when both product/finance data and contact data are selected, these are sent in two separate Excel files).

If you already are using this feature, we would appreciate any feedback and suggestions on how we can make this an even more powerful and efficient tool for you.

For training and/or support, please contact me at blythe.moore@pharmsource.com | +1-703-383-4903 x104.

Blythe Moore is PharmSource’s Director of Account Management. She heads training and support and helps ensure a close working relationship with clients. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of North Carolina State University, she holds a BS degree in Biological Sciences. She’s had experience with customer service, sales and administration, and has a passion for the biological sciences.

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