New Year, New Tactics for (Sales) Productivity


Even if you’re not a fan of New Year resolutions, you may want to consider some of the productivity tips suggested in a recent issue of Inc. magazine. 23 Best Productivity Hacks: This year’s best tips for boosting productivity, by Larry Kim, offers several very simple techniques that can easily – even painlessly – be implemented. These can contribute to general productivity, including sales productivity. Here are just a few:

1. Do a quick login at the end of the weekend. Taking a few minutes to check email on Sunday can help you anticipate what Monday will bring and be more mentally prepared.

2. Arm yourself with productivity tools. Kim suggests Toggl or Yast for time management.

3. Trade your To-Do list for a schedule. According to Kim, “To-dos are pipe dreams. Scheduling is a game plan.” He even recommends scheduling free time into your plan.

4. Turn off your phone alerts. They’re mostly an unnecessary distraction. Instead, stay focused on useful tasks.

5. Don’t constantly follow the news. Another distraction, Kim refers to this as a “tremendous time sink.” Important news will find its way to you.

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