New Trend Report Graphing Feature


We’ve created an all-new graphing feature as part of the PharmSource Lead Sheet subscription. You can now graph drug lead data taken from the Lead Sheet to identify and visualize trends and gauge market size during a specified time frame. Selection options for this feature include development phase, API, dosage form, therapeutic area, HQ territory and orphan/fast track status. The Trend Report Graphs repository contains historical data describing the status of a product moving through the clinical development pipeline. The graphs display the number of leads published each month based on the criteria selected.

The graphs can instantly be viewed in either a user-friendly browser format, or a printer-friendly format for presentations. To access the feature, click on “Trend Reports” in the top navigation bar of your Lead Sheet and choose “Drug Lead Data.” After setting a date range and making your search selections, you can create your graph by clicking “Build Graph.” You can add up to two data sets to each graph. The data can also be exported into an Excel .csv spreadsheet.

We also give you the option to visualize corporate finance data over a specified timeframe. Click on “Trend Reports” in the top navigation bar of your Lead Sheet and choose “Corporate Finance Data.” After selecting a date range and the type of corporate funding you are interested in, clicking “Build Graph” will display the both the number of financings and the total amount raised. You can choose any or all financing types (i.e. venture capital, private equity, etc.) and the data can be exported into an Excel .csv file.

These graphing abilities are an excellent market intelligence tool that draws from many years of data in our comprehensive database of drugs and financings.

For questions about this new feature or any other inquiries regarding the PharmSource Lead Sheet, please contact our Director of Account Management, Blythe Moore, at +1.703.383.4903 ext. 104 /

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