New Shortcuts to Targeted Opportunities


We’ve made it faster and easier for you to visually identify specific types of new opportunities in the PharmSource Lead Sheet by adding an icon key. You’ll find this at the top of the weekly edition. Icons appear in the detail box for applicable individual leads.

These icons provide shortcuts for you to three different types of new business opportunities:

Icons for Plans to Initiate and Positive Results:
These two icons refer to products in clinical development, and respectively designate when a product is eitherplans to initiate a next-phase trial, or whenpositive results are reported, indicating a product is likely to advance to the next phase. These are primary indicators of likely new business opportunities.

Icon for Newly Financed, Early-stage Drug Companies
This icon applies specifically to Corporate Finance leads, and alerts you that not only are thesehot leads because these companies are receiving new funding, but they also have early-stage drugs. If early phase is your domain, the “E” icon will help you target these companies quickly.

Clicking on an icon in the key at the top of the weekly report will jump you directly to the first tagged lead for the icon selected. Excel downloads include icon status in Columns V, W and AI.

We hope this new icon feature will help you to identify well-matched, fresh opportunities more quickly than ever, and this will lead to new business relationships that will help you gain market share.

For questions about this new feature or any other inquiries regarding the PharmSource Lead Sheet please contact our Account Manager, Blythe Moore, at 1.703.383.4903 /

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Katie Leuth is a Senior Research Analyst at PharmSource. She has worked as a QC analyst and as a Lab & Manufacturing Technician, and has experience conducting environmental monitoring of cleanrooms to ensure GMP standards in an R&D facility. Katie also has developed laboratory and manufacturing SOPs and had responsibility for GMP and GLP regulations documentation. She holds a BA degree in Biology from Roger Williams University.

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