When it comes to the quality of our leads, there is no competition!

Here’s what people are saying about the PharmSource Lead Sheet:

“We recently landed a $22m study from a company that we would not even have been aware of without the use of the PharmSource Lead Sheet.”

“In less than four months of using the PharmSource service, we converted a lead to an awarded early phase study for over $3M. That’s an impressive ROI that competing services are unable to replicate.”

“We are all extremely impressed with the information [in the PharmSource Lead Sheet], and are completely sold on the value of this in targeting new business.”

“Once we purchased the services of PharmSource, you could have sent an e-mail and said good luck. Clearly, not the way you operate. It is obvious that you are focused on the customer and building a true business partnership.”

“In less than 5 months… we just won our first study for over $2M from a PharmSource lead so I guess we can say it’s paid for itself a few times over already!”

“We are nearly fully booked for the next 18+ months, with full credit going to the PharmSource Lead Sheet.”

“The PharmSource Lead Sheet is superior to other leading services and has been extremely helpful in identifying early phase leads.”

“Since we started using it [over two years ago], the PharmSource Lead Sheet has been a phenomenal lead generator. I would say it has doubled our opportunities, and given us at least 2 hot leads a month and an additional 2-4 other contacts every month that are shaping up as useful long-term relationships.”

“Regarding the support we receive from PharmSource… It’s not every day in a service organization that you are met with the high level of expertise and support that your company brings to the table.”

“Covers multiple types of leads – both clinical, financial, HR. They are better organized than alerts provided by other services.”

“Our use of the PharmSource information has played a significant role in helping us ‘weather the storm.’ Our investment has more than paid for itself by increasing our network as well as more directly by increasing our sales.”

“The PharmSource Lead Sheet is my #1 tool in identifying leads.”

“I find the information to be timely and very accurate.”

“A great source for niche leads.”

“Best source for tracking drug development and opportunities.”

“Consistent, well laid out. Easy for me to find out exactly who I should reach out to at potential clients’ sites.”

“Other services have TMI [too much information] that’s irrelevant to me and wasted my time wading through to dig out the leads. Thankfully, your service is far better. I like that it’s a direct source to current leads that are matched to my company and it’s so easy to use. It saves me time and keeps me totally in the loop.”

“Excellent source of info on product status and potential opportunities.”

“Using the Lead Sheet has been going very well – it has definitely been useful in finding new business opportunities. Thanks for your service and help.”

“I look forward to another year of using the PharmSource Lead Sheet. It has proven to be a very valuable tool for our sales force.”

“Thanks so much for your always swift responses and for the helpful hints. This is such a great resource.”

“The quality of leads we receive from the PharmSource Lead Sheet are better than the ones we receive through our website and phone referrals. Those leads need to be nurtured before they are ready and the leads from the Lead Sheet are already good opportunities.”

“This [the PharmSource Lead Sheet] is a great tool – I’m so glad [my new company] uses it.  My training teleconference was also very helpful.”

“Our reps really like the Lead Sheet. They’re using the verified contacts and getting a call back right away.”

“Having the commonly used email formats of companies is terrific! This will be a big time saver. So many people don’t answer their phones these days. I typically spend at least 10 minutes trying to find each email address or figure out the format for a company.”

“Your system lets me easily screen out projects that do not fit our capabilities. What’s really unique is being able to find out the correct contact person…when the data suggests a potential fit – very efficient!”

“Your service is fantastic. I know the industry well, and you provide—by far—the most accurate contact names and the most up-to date information on the pharma pipeline.”

“When we asked our business development team to assess the PharmSource Lead Sheet, everyone gave it ‘two thumbs up’ and agreed it’s a big step above other resources we’ve used, because it was designed specifically for our industry as a sales and marketing resource.”

“I have been really impressed…we’re winning direct business from the PharmSource Lead Sheet.”

“Now that they’ve used the PharmSource Lead Sheet, our business development managers are adamant about ‘needing’ it.”