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November 2015

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The PharmSource Team


PharmSource Lead Sheet Global Activity Report:

Lead Type October 2015 2015 YTD
Early Development 79 1105
Late Development 96 1032
Biologic 76 892
Small Molecule 193 2269
Parenteral 80 1001
Oral 81 927
New Financings 84 939
Total Drug Leads 367 3856
Total Device &
Diagnostic Leads
160 1385

*Total leads include acquisitions/alliances, company acquisition/alliances and events.


Early Phase Chemical API Product Development Opportunities

This is a snapshot of new business opportunities likely to surface soon in specific companies with small molecule API drug candidates that are currently in the earliest phases of clinical development. It also points to opportunities arising from newly funded early stage drug companies whose focus is on chemical APIs, but don’t yet have products.

The PharmSource Lead Sheet reports changes in clinical progress of these (and other) candidates: we know when they enter Discovery, when they plan to initiate a next-phase trial, when they report positive results, etc.

The chart below shows the number of these opportunities reported since June 1, 2015. We also know exactly who these companies are, where they’re located, their principal employees, and details on the source and amount of new funding, when applicable-and often more.

Companies with New Financing and
Early Phase Chemical API Drug Products: 6/1/2015 to 11/16/2015

Status Total
Early Phase Small Molecule Products 260
Newly financed company but no products yet 38

Source: PharmSource Lead Sheet

It’s strategic to look at Phase 1 opportunities in this category because these companies may be looking for a contract manufacturer that can scale… read on

Pipeline Tip

PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals initiates a Phase IIa study with PE0139 for the treatment of type 2 diabetes:

  • Therapeutic Area: Diabetes
  • Dosage Form: Parenteral – Liquid
  • API: Biologic – Protein – Recombinant

Learn more

Follow the Money: MabVax Therapeutics, Inc.

MabVax Therapeutics, Inc. is a U.S. public pharmaceutical company that develops human antibody-based anti-cancer drugs and cancer diagnostic products. MabVax Therapeutics raised $2.75 million in the completion of a secondary public offering.

What new business opportunities are most likely to surface from this? We know they plan to use the proceeds for working capital and general purposes, as well as for product development, including… read on

User Tip

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From Your Input to Our Output

by Nathaniel Celentano, Business Development Manager

As you may have noticed, we’re very interested in hearing feedback from our PharmSource Lead Sheet clients. After all, we’ve been offering glorious Starbucks gift cards in return for completed surveys for a few years now (thank you to all our caffeinated responders!).

Getting your feedback is of utmost importance to us, and our entire team looks forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. When it comes to the continued evolution and advancement of our Lead Sheet service, your opinion matters most. We want to know… read on

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