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March 2015

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The PharmSource Team


PharmSource Lead Sheet Global Activity Report:

Lead Type February 2015 2015 YTD
Early Development 93 269
Late Development 94 206
Biologic 68 188
Small Molecule 205 491
Parenteral 104 248
Oral 98 206
New Financings 99 225
Total Drug Leads 415 905
Total Device &
Diagnostic Leads
146 277

*Total leads include acquisitions/alliances, company acquisition/alliances and events.


Pipeline Tip

Phosphate Therapeutics completes recruitment in a Phase II trial with PT20 for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in patients with pre-dialysis and dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease. Learn more.

Pipeline Attrition: A Lead Sheet Perspective

by Saul Richmond, Director, Market Intelligence

In clinical trials, not all failures are equal. Late stage attrition is far more costly than drug candidate terminations occurring earlier in the development process. Among many other things, the PharmSource Lead Sheet provides coverage of products that have been terminated in Phase II & III. This enables clients to identify therapeutic categories that have been most at risk from attrition, providing insight into… read on

Follow the Money: Inotek Pharmaceuticals

INOTEK recently raised $40 million in an IPO. This early stage biotech company is pioneering glaucoma treatments. They plan to use the proceeds to advance development of their small molecule drugs currently in development, among other things. As yet, Inotek has no revenue, and will be dependent upon third-party service providers such as CROs, clinical data management organizations, clinical investigators and others to conduct clinical trials, perform data collection and analysis for product candidates. Inotek’s pipeline includes three… read on.

Sales Effectiveness: Manage Where it Counts

A large, cross-industry study conducted by Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Education Foundation identified over 300 metrics defined by company leaders as being important to effective sales management. Each metric was categorized into one of three buckets:

  • Business Results (revenue, market share, etc.)
  • Sales Objectives (winning customers, selling products, etc.)
  • Sales Activities (number of sales calls, % of account plans completed, etc.)

The study’s sponsors set out to determine which of those metrics could be… read on


CMO Scorecard: Outsourcing of NDA Approvals and CMO Performance

Dose CMOs had more launches in 2014, thanks to a big jump in NDA approvals. But they aren’t making much headway in convincing bio/pharma companies to abandon in-house manufacture. For the most part the industry is dependent on the ebb and flow of the NDA tide. Find out what this means for your business.

Jim Miller and the PharmSource intelligence team have identified some other critical trends for the CMO industry:

  • Global bio/pharma companies don’t outsource many NMEs, but when they do they have a few favorite CMOs.
  • NMEs tend to get approved by FDA before being approved by EMA, which may have implications for European CMOs.
    • What dose forms and API types are
      most likely to be outsourced?


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