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June 2015

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The PharmSource Team


PharmSource Lead Sheet Global Activity Report:

Lead Type May 2015 2015 YTD
Early Development 94 592
Late Development 97 511
Biologic 65 448
Small Molecule 190 1154
Parenteral 76 543
Oral 76 457
New Financings 58 479
Total Drug Leads 349 2001
Total Device &
Diagnostic Leads
148 692

*Total leads include acquisitions/alliances, company acquisition/alliances and events.


Pipeline Tip

In H1 of 2016, Pulmatrix plans to identify an active pharmaceutical ingredient for PUR1500, an inhaled, high-potency non-cytotoxic drug for pulmonary or antifibrotic treatment… Learn more.

Follow the Money: Fate Therapeutics, Inc.

Fate Therapeutics is a U.S. public pharmaceutical company that develops therapeutics based on modulating cell fate. This month they raised $32 million in the completion of a secondary public offering.

What new business opportunities are most likely to surface from this? We know they plan to use the proceeds to support clinical R&D activities, working capital and… read on.

Summary of 2015 ASCO Oncology Candidates by Technology Reported in PharmSource Lead Sheet (June 2105)

by Saul Richmond, Director, Market Intelligence

The PharmSource Lead Sheet research team covered this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago earlier this month.

Our on-site attendance at events like this gets new information on clinical product updates to our clients days or even weeks earlier than other sources.

We picked up new information on many next generation immunotherapies, and even more updates on… read on

Avoid This: Don’t Let the Strong Selling Environment
Weaken Your Customer Service

We’ve been busy speaking with our colleagues around the industry, and hearing from most quarters that sales are robust. Repeat business remains a strong backbone for many companies, and lots of companies report that new business is coming in “over the transom,” essentially unsolicited.

In this environment it’s easy to let customer service slip: if you’re reaching for the nearest incentive, it’s likely you’ll be more motivated to spend time with a new sales contact, rather than responding to an existing client’s non-urgent inquiry. It’s not that these are mutually exclusive, but nonessential customer inquiries can have a hard time… read on

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