New Business Opportunities in Bio/Pharma,
Medical Devices & Diagnostics

July 2015

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PharmSource Lead Sheet Global Activity Report:

Lead Type June 2015 2015 YTD
Early Development 156 748
Late Development 127 638
Biologic 110 558
Small Molecule 283 1437
Parenteral 112 655
Oral 130 587
New Financings 102 581
Total Drug Leads 431 2432
Total Device &
Diagnostic Leads
127 819

*Total leads include acquisitions/alliances, company acquisition/alliances and events.


Pipeline Tip

Protagonist Therapeutics Inc. plans to initiate Phase I trial with PTG-100 by the end of 2015 for the treatment of… learn more

Follow the Money: Seres Therapeutics, Inc.

Seres Therapeutics is a U.S. public pharmaceutical company that discovers and develops drugs to treat infectious, metabolic and inflammatory diseases. This month they raised $133 million in the completion of an initial public offering.

What new business opportunities are most likely to surface from this? We know they plan to use the proceeds to advance the clinical development of… read on

Watch for Strategic Changes in Bio/Pharma Purchasing

No matter how good the selling environment may be, bio/pharmaceutical companies are powerful buyers. Would you recognize subtle changes in the behavior of your buyers? It can be crucial to stay attuned for these shifts, so you can anticipate and plan for changing times. The current robust conditions for sellers are not permanent.

While most CROs, CMOs and CDMOs are enjoying today’s flourishing selling environment, we should think about… read on

Medical Device Opportunities:
PMA Approvals Blast Off in H1 of 2015

by Judy Nanthavong, Senior Research Analyst

In addition to covering updates on clinical drug products, PharmSource’s research team also covers the clinical progress of medical devices and diagnostics. In our research of the latter, we’ve noted a dramatic upswing in premarket approvals (PMAs) in 2015 YTD.

A PMA is a marketing application required for Class III medical devices, which are also known as high-risk devices. The PMA is the most stringent type of device marketing application and is usually… read on

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