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April 2016

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PharmSource Lead Sheet
Summary of Global Clinical Pipeline Activity

Lead Type March 2016 CY 2016
Early Development 81 244
Late Development 107 280
Biologic 91 224
Small Molecule 217 596
Parenteral 108 277
Oral 82 226
New Financings 67 250
Total Drug Leads 308 1030
Total Device &
Diagnostic Leads
135 403

*Total leads include acquisitions/alliances, company acquisition/alliances and events.


Pipeline Tip

SELLAS Life Sciences Group plans to initiate Phase III trials with WT-1 cancer vaccine for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia:

  • Therapeutic Area: Oncology – Immunotherapy
  • Dosage Form: Parenteral
  • API: Peptide – Chemical

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Capturing CRO Opportunities in the Medical Device and Diagnostic Market

by Katie Ludwick, Marketing Manager

Contract research organizations (CROs) seeking to capture business in the medical device and diagnostic segment face a unique range of challenges, most prominently the lack of information shared by medical device companies during the development process. There are ways to overcome the obstacles and win contract research business in the growing medical device and diagnostic segment.

CROs that aren’t pursuing business in the medical device and diagnostic field because they’re operating under the mistaken impression that the opportunities aren’t there are missing out on… read on

Follow the Money: ArQule, Inc.

ArQule, Inc. is a U.S. public biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and rare diseases. They plan to raise $15.6 million in a completion of a secondary public offering.

What new business opportunities are most likely to surface from this? We know they plan to use the proceeds to support preclinical research and clinical trials of… read on

CMO Scorecard: Outsourcing of NDA Approvals and CMO Performance – 2016 Edition

A shrinking number of CMOs are getting the lion’s share of the contract manufactured new products. Jim Miller and the PharmSource intelligence team identified at least three harbingers of a likely sustained increase in NME approvals in coming years:

  1. Total approvals using a CMO grew, but the share of NDA that are outsourced was flat in 2015
  2. The number of NDA approvals will continue to grow, which is good news for CMOs
  3. But outsourcing by global bio/pharma companies may be on the decline

PharmSource’s just-released Trend Report, CMO Scorecard: Outsourcing of NDA Approvals and CMO Performance – 2016 Edition, concludes that these factors will provide… read on

Sales Analytics: Strategic Territory Assignments

It’s common to organize sales staff by geographic territory. This may seem to make sense in terms of controlling travel time and costs, and developing expertise by region, but it can leave room for hidden workload imbalances. These aren’t likely to be fixed by improving compensation, because they’re driven by circumstances that are outside of the control of salespeople… read on

Lead Follow-up: Is Your CRM Up-to-Date?

Integrating the PharmSource Lead Sheet leads and contacts into your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) can be an important part of following up on the targeted new business opportunities you identify.

Many companies use the Lead Sheet very efficiently by diligently tagging appropriate leads and importing selective data into their CRMs. This ensures that… read on

Contract Services Market: 2016 Update

PharmSource president, Jim Miller, will give an overview of the contract services market at INTERPHEX 2016.

For more information click here.

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