I. General Information
What is the  Lead Sheet?

Who should use the  Lead Sheet?

What size company should use the Lead Sheet?
How is it delivered? How often?
Where does PharmSource get leads?
What is covered in the Lead Sheet: Drug Edition report?
What is covered in the  Lead Sheet: Devices & Diagnostics Edition?
What are the main features of the  Lead Sheet?

How do I schedule a free trial of the  Lead Sheet?
What is the PharmSource PERISCOPE?

II. Subscriber and Customer Service Information
Why has the PharmSource website rejected my user name and password?
How do I schedule a Lead Sheet training session?
Who do I contact about invoice or renewal questions?

I. General Information

What is the  Lead Sheet ?

The  Lead Sheet is a weekly, web-based lead generation service that delivers new business opportunities and market intelligence information for CROs, CMOs, CDMOs and other companies that serve the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Every week, our professional team of researchers thoroughly identifies and qualifies fresh opportunities, including drug and device/diagnostic product status changes and corporate alliances and new financings that likely signal a need for new products and services.

Receiving these fresh, qualified sales leads saves you significant time and leads you directly to targeted opportunities. We help you spend your time selling, not prospecting for leads. Up to 70+ leads are reported per week; approximately 15+ of those are European- or Asian-based opportunities. To learn more about the Lead Sheet, please download our PDF brochure or request a complimentary test-drive.

Who should use the  Lead Sheet?

Business development (BD) and sales and marketing professionals in companies that serve pharma/biotech and device/diagnostic companies around the world should use the Lead Sheet for any/all of the following purposes:

  1. As a weekly source of targeted new business opportunities. It directs you to new business opportunities global-wide via fresh updates on products in the clinical development pipeline, new corporate financings and more. Each lead includes company contact information and contacts at each company reported, as well as the commonly-used e-mail format for most companies.
  2. As a source of market intelligence. The Corporate Finance section provides insight into how money is flowing in the industry and the types of projects that are being funded globally. The Other Sponsor Events section tells when companies are either expanding or contracting, providing important insight to what’s ahead.
  3. As a research and/or marketing resource. The Lead Sheet identifies targeted  opportunities: by development phase, API, dosage form, therapeutic area, territory, etc. It also provides up-to-date company-level data on annual revenues, R&D expenditures, facility locations, specific employees by title, and much more.

What size company should use the  Lead Sheet?

Companies of all sizes that seek new business opportunities in the pharma/biotech and device/diagnostic sectors will find great value in the  Lead Sheet as a source of fresh, targeted leads and market intelligence.

How is it delivered? How often?

The  Lead Sheet is delivered weekly in electronic format. Subscribers receive an email containing a link that goes directly to their individual, customized view.

Where does PharmSource get leads?

Our expert team searches public sources to identify new activity for bio/pharma and medical device/diagnostic companies around the world. We also identify leads via our live coverage of major medical conferences, industry trade shows, etc. We add value to the information we collect by abstracting and categorizing it, adding contact and qualification information, and putting it into a searchable online database.

What is covered in the Lead Sheet: Drug Edition?

The Lead Sheet: Drug Edition reports on drug candidates moving through the clinical pipeline from Discovery to Phase III, as well as products filed, approved, marketed or terminated in Phase II or III. It also reports on product acquisitions and alliances, corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&As), corporate financings, and key appointments. In addition, it covers information on other sponsor events such as the opening, closing or selling of facilities, increases or decreases in workforce, new technologies, etc. For each company reported, we provide high-quality contact names and titles. For most companies, we provide a verified commonly-used e-mail format.

What is covered in the Lead Sheet: Devices & Diagnostics Edition?

The  Lead Sheet: Devices & Diagnostics Edition provides pipeline updates regarding medical device and diagnostic candidates in the clinical trial process, as well as approvals and clearances in the US and abroad. The focus of this coverage is on high-risk products that must go through the clinical trial process. Weekly updates signal when medical devices or diagnostics move into a new development stage. Product coverage includes pre-feasibility through post-marketing, acquisitions and alliances. In addition, users are informed of company acquisitions and alliances, corporate-level financings and other deals and events that signal corporate expansions or contractions. For each company reported, we provide high-quality contact names and titles. For most companies, we provide a verified commonly-used e-mail format.

What are the main features of the Lead Sheet?

In addition to reporting fresh information on pipeline changes, company financings and other new business opportunities each week, the  Lead Sheet offers the following features:

  • Preferences
    This filtering feature allows individual users to personalize their view of weekly issues to show only leads that are relevant matches based on their choices. This is another important time-saver in helping you quickly identify actionable leads.
  • Search for Companies (Qualifying Information Search)
    Search the database for company information by various parameters related to ownership, size, annual revenues, R&D expenditures, venture capital funding and location. Results are directly downloaded into spreadsheet format.
  • Search for Leads (Full Database Search)
    Search the entire database using many different parameters, including development phase; API (41+ options); dosage form (29+ options); therapeutic area (55+ options); geographic location, etc. Results can instantly be downloaded into a reader-friendly format and/or a spreadsheet format.
  • Search for Financings
    Run reports on new financings that show the amount of money raised, the date and type of financing, and a description of each new funding opportunity. Results are exportable or viewable in a reader-friendly format.
  • CRM/Custom Export
    Create customized Excel downloads that match your CRM fields to help automate and streamline your data input process.
  • Printer-friendly Version
    This feature provides a simple text version of the weekly report, which can be easily printed.
  • Email Lead
    This function allows subscribers to email individual leads to other authorized users within the organization.

How do I schedule a free trial of the Lead Sheet?

We offer a no obligation complimentary trial to qualified companies. Please contact PharmSource at clientsupport@globaldata.com or +1-703-383-4903 to schedule your free trial, or fill out a form and a PharmSource representative will contact you shortly.

II. Subscriber and Customer Service Information

Why has the PharmSource website rejected my user name and password?

Valid subscribers can always log in here.

You also can access the  Lead Sheet from the weekly delivery link that you received from leadsheet@pharmsource.com
. If you don’t find this in your Inbox, check your Spam/Junk mail. PharmSource recommends subscribers create a special folder in their Outlook (or other e-mail program) where each issue is saved, making it readily accessible to you.

How do I schedule a Lead Sheet training session?

Training is included as an integral part of your subscription. Our expert trainers provide private group training sessions. We always welcome your questions and feedback. To schedule a training teleconference, please contact us via e-mail at clientsupport@globaldata.com or by phone during business hours (USA eastern time-zone): +1-703-383-4903.

Who do I contact about invoice or renewal questions?

Please contact PharmSource via phone at +1-703-383-4903 or toll-free within the USA at 1-888-777-9940, or via e-mail at clientsupport@globaldata.com for questions regarding billing and renewals.