Are you short on time?

When it comes to capturing new business, we know you’re looking to move from new information to first contact as quickly as possible.

Tracking down current contacts can be an arduous process, and if you’re using a customer relationship management (CRM) system, of course this data entry is also time-consuming.

CROs are using the PharmSource Lead Sheet to eliminate both of these obstacles and significantly speed the business development process.

How are your competitors doing this?

  • They receive well-targeted new BD opportunities that have already been vetted by our expert research team – including contacts, individual email addresses, and more
  • They use our CRM Tools feature to quickly integrate new BD opportunities internally so they can stay on top of the sales process

Request a test-drive of the PharmSource Lead Sheet:

“Other services have TMI [too much information] that’s irrelevant to me and wasted my time wading through to dig out the leads. Thankfully, your service is far better. I like that it’s a direct source to current leads that are matched to my company and it’s so easy to use. It saves me time and keeps me totally in the loop.”

–Senior Director of Business Development, US global CRO