The Ultimate Lead Generation Service

Every day, top Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) around the world rely on the PharmSource Lead Sheet for fresh leads, up-to-date contact information and market intelligence.

User-friendly and constantly updated by our dedicated research team, the Lead Sheet is recognized around the world as the most accurate targeted business development resource for those selling goods or services to bio/pharmaceutical companies.

Lead Sheet: Drug Edition
Lead Sheet: Devices & Diagnostics Edition

Lead Sheet: Drug Edition

The definitive source for targeted new business opportunities in the global bio/pharma industry.

Our professional team of researchers identifies and qualifies new business opportunities. We tell you about upcoming product pipeline changes and sponsor alliances, which companies are getting new financing, and other activities that signal a need for your products and services.

Receiving fresh, qualified sales leads lets your team spend time selling, instead of prospecting for leads.

It significantly increases your BD team’s efficiency and timeliness by staying focused on pursuing well-targeted leads. We cover bio/pharmaceutical companies of all sizes around the world.

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Here’s how the Lead Sheet helps increase your business:

  • It’s your virtual prospecting department, saving hours of research and review every week.
  • Receive fresh leads every week — at exactly the right time — when companies’ needs are first announced.
  • Specific, verified contact names and titles allow you to start calls at the right level.
  • Custom filters help you quickly identify and act on leads targeted to your specific areas of interest.
  • Our CRM Export feature helps automate and streamline the process of importing PharmSource data into your CRM system.
  • Access to our deep global database of sponsor companies, leads and contact information – including verified email addresses – provides a great research resource and is useful for generating targeted mailing lists and communications.
  • User-friendly format streamlines your sales efforts.
  • Weekly e-delivery directly pushes fresh leads to you, acting as the trigger that sets the sales process in motion afresh each week.
  • Training and support are provided as an integral part of our service.

Don’t spend another hour using inaccurate sources or digging for hard-to-find new business opportunities. We’ve already done the hard work for you.

Timely features and functions

  • Flexible custom filters: View only the information you want – by territory, development phase, dosage form, API, therapeutic area and more.
  • Search for companies and contacts: See the most recent pipeline activity for thousands of companies around the world complete with up-to-date names, titles, e-mail formats and more. We’ve provided global coverage of companies of all sizes since 2003.
  • Search for leads: Our up-to-date reporting tells you which companies plan to initiate new development work on specific products. Look up opportunities by territory, development phase, therapeutic area, API, dosage form and more.
  • Search for financings: We reveal who has money to spend now and where they’re planning to spend it. Link directly to pipeline information to learn product specifics.
  • CRM/custom export: Easily customize downloads so they match your CRM format to help automate and streamline your data import process.

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Medical Devices & Diagnostics

In addition to the Drug Edition, we offer a Devices & Diagnostics Edition that covers this fast-growing segment of the industry.

Save time identifying new opportunities – this dedicated resource delivers up-to-date information on activities at medical device and diagnostic companies.

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This coverage focuses on profiling medical devices and diagnostics that are moving through the development pipeline, including:

  • Global regulatory approvals, including US PMAs (Class III), European CE Mark and more.
  • Clinical trial updates on developing medical devices and diagnostics.
  • Corporate financings, acquisitions and alliances in medical device and diagnostic companies around the world.

Our profiles of medical devices and diagnostics include:

  • In-depth product profiles, including functions and purposes.
  • Current product status and recent updates: This new information shows you why it’s the ideal time to reach out to reported device or diagnostic companies.
  • Searchable descriptive categories such as medical specialty (therapeutic area), medical purpose (therapeutic vs. diagnostic or monitoring), device type, approvals/clearances, and more. These categories help you zero in on the best-matched opportunities.
  • Quality assurance: All PharmSource research undergoes intensive quality control reviews for data accuracy.

If you’ve ever wished for an accurate expert resource for finding well-targeted new business opportunities, we’ve done just that.