Lead Sheet Trivia Game: Play to Win!


Here at PharmSource, we want to make sure some fun goes along with the serious work. That’s why we created PharmSource Lead Sheet Deep Dive Trivia. It’s a fun way to test your skills using the database search engine – and in return you could win a $20 Starbucks gift card!

Our monthly trivia questions are emailed to you during the first week of each month from Blythe Moore, our awesome Director of Account Management. Each question highlights a way to identify relevant leads that meet particular criteria. We craft questions that call on you to use the database to identify new business opportunities based on various criteria like dosage forms, geographic regions, APIs, therapeutic areas, etc.

In doing this, you might see a new way to find the exact data you are after, because we understand Liam Neeson isn’t the only one with a particular set of skills.

To make sure everyone understands exactly how to achieve the quiz results, after submissions are closed, we post a video link in Periscope and in the What’s New tab on the Lead Sheet dashboard that shows how simple it is to run a seemingly complex search.

For example, in a recent trivia question we asked: “During October 2013 – September 2014 how many Product in Development leads in the USA were Chemical Vs. Monoclonal antibody?” To produce these results, you would use the Search for Leads utility and set the date range for 10-2013 to 09-2014. Then select the APIs tab and click “All Chemical,” followed by the Geographic Criteria tab, where you would select “USA”. For our trivia purposes, it’s best to select the Browser Results option to see your results. At the top of the Browser Results page, you’ll see a total number of leads. To the left, you’ll see a breakdown by category where you’ll find Products in Development, and subsequently, your answer. Next, run a similar search, but instead select under APIs “Biologic – Monoclonal antibody,” and you have yourself the two numbers needed to be eligible to win a few cups of coffee and some of that delicious lemon pound cake.

I’ll also mention that in addition to seeing search results in browser format, there are three other options available for viewing search results. These all are ways to download selective data into Excel spreadsheets. You can choose to download lead data only, related contact data only, or lead and contact data together.

I’ve only touched on two of the search utilities available to PharmSource Lead Sheet subscribers. There also are features that enable you to Search for Financings and do instant Company Lookups. There are thousands of different search combinations that can be run using each of the search functions. They’re just waiting for you to put together your perfect set of data… data that can easily put you ahead of the competition.

Good luck in your quest for targeted leads and some coffee breaks on us along the way!

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Brooke is a Senior Research Analyst at PharmSource, and heads the PharmSource Lead Sheet research team. Prior to joining the company in 2005, Brooke was a Scientific Research Assistant for a biotechnology company in Sydney, Australia. Brooke has a BS degree in Biotechnology with Honours from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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