Increase Revenue by Aligning Sales and Marketing


Most large companies are very sales-oriented, yet may not also embrace marketing as an integral element to driving revenue. There’s significant data from many studies that shows the value of dual sales and marketing strategies in establishing stable long-term growth (rather than unstable short-term results).

Sales people tend to focus on quotas, immediate selling opportunities, and individual clients. The polestars for marketing people are different: they’re looking at strategic product and client mixes, assessing the longer-term view to plan for what’s ahead, differentiating various market segments and understanding the unique needs of each, etc.

In a series of surveys on marketing and sales effectiveness, tapping thousands of responses from B2B professionals, Corporate Visions concluded that “most B2B organizations are struggling to align their marketing and sales mechanisms to ensure a successful customer conversion system.” To read about the study responses and insights on improving results, visit

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