In-Licensed Drug Products Can Be a Signal of Future Outsourcing


Of the more than 230 New Molecular Entities (NMEs) approved between 2003-2013, over one-third were in-licensed by the sponsor receiving the approval. Recent research by our team showed an unexpected and significant difference in manufacturing status between products originally discovered in-house and those in-licensed from external partners. During this period 66% of in-licensed NMEs were either outsourced completely or partially, compared to 44% for internally discovered candidates.

According to the latest PharmSource Trend Report, Opportunity Knocks: In-Licensed Drug Products Can Signal Outsourcing Opportunity, in-licensing of NMEs is an important positive signal to the CDMO sector that a candidate is likely to be successful and its manufacture is likely to be outsourced.

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Jim Miller is the founder and president of PharmSource Information Services, Inc. A preeminent expert in bio/pharmaceutical outsourcing, Jim established and presides over the industry’s principal resource for serious consumers of information on contract drug development and manufacturing, PharmSource STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE. He is editor and publisher of Bio/Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Report and Emerging Markets Outsourcing Report.

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