How to Fall in Love Anew—with Your Job


If you’ve ever felt like you’re in a rut with your BD role, you’re not alone. Sales is difficult work, where you often may be faced with challenges from clients, objections from prospects, the “same old same old,” and pressures from above. If you’re invested in your company and motivated to see things through, here are some tactics for rejuvenating your commitment, suggested in an HBR article by Carolyn O’Hara:

  1. Acknowledge that you’re feeling the sales grind.
  2. Ask yourself what job tasks you enjoy most, and what you’re best at, then strategize to see if there are ways to realign your work to enable you to undertake more activities in those more gratifying areas.
  3. Ask your sales manager about new, well matched challenges you might take on. Look for contributions you can make that are a good fit for your interests. O’Hara suggests taking more ownership of client relations, for example, or participating in new or different meetings that may be an extension of your usual role.
  4. Seek out others who are deeply engaged in their work. “Passion can be contagious,” says O’Hara, “surrounding yourself with energetic people… can help revive a sagging interest in work.” Outside the office, professional networking events can be good resources for this, as can being a mentor for others.
  5. Start keeping a log of your daily accomplishments. You probably get much more done than you realize, and seeing this in black and white will be motivating.

If you still can’t get your mojo back, know when to fold ’em. “Don’t move on hastily,” cautions O’Hara, but if you’re truly unable to get out of the rut, explore other opportunities that are well suited for your interests and skills, either within the organization or elsewhere.

To read the full HBR article, including case studies, click here.

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