Here’s Waldo: Locations of Individual Contacts


The PharmSource Lead Sheet is an excellent source of contacts at pharma, biotech and medtech companies around the world. We’ve often been asked if we know the site location of specific people, particularly those in companies with many different addresses.

Knowing how important this can be for you, we want to let you know we’re in the process of linking people to their specific locations – whether they’re at their company HQ, an R&D facility, a manufacturing facility or another site.

Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll see our process for this will yield more and more direct locations of contacts. This will make it easier for you to:

  1. Find all contacts in a specific territory.
  2. Identify the location of a specific contact person.
  3. Reach people in bigger companies via postal mail or for site visits.

Keep in mind that you can select and download contacts from several different places in the Lead Sheet system:

  • On the weekly report, use the Export Contacts buttons in the left navigation bar:
  • In the Search sections, use the Contacts tab to select the type of contacts you seek, then see the results in browser format or export them to Excel:

For questions about this feature or any other inquiries regarding the PharmSource Lead Sheet, please contact our Director of Account Management, Blythe Moore, at +1.703.383.4903, ext. 104 |

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