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Spotlight on RenalGuard Solutions, Inc.


Follow the Money to Medical Device & Diagnostic Opportunities highlights a newly funded medical device or diagnostic company. This includes important insights into the featured company’s product pipeline, manufacturing and business relationships, and likely sourcing opportunities.

RenalGuard Solutions, Inc. is a U.S. private company that develops cardiac and vascular technologies. It raised $14.5 million in the completion of a Series A venture capital investment as reported in the PharmSource Lead Sheet on March 23, 2017.

Corporate Highlights

  • RenalGuard Solutions was founded in 2013
  • Corporate Headquarters: Milford, MA

Sourcing Opportunities

  • RenalGuard Solutions plans to use the proceeds to support the pivotal clinical trial of the RenalGuard System:

Device: The RenalGuard System™
Development Phase: Pivotal studies
Medical Specialty: Cardiovascular/Vascular; Urology/Nephrology
Purpose: Device – Therapeutic/Interventional
Type: System/System accessory
Description: A closed loop system that measures urine output and infuses an equal volume of hydration fluid to prevent contrast-induced acute kidney injury during percutaneous cardiovascular procedures.


  • US – PMA planned
  • EU – CE Mark approval

Medical Device & Diagnostics Pipeline1

Product Candidate Indication Medical Specialty Purpose Type Status
RenalGuard System Acute kidney injury Cardiovascular/
Vascular; Surgery; Urology/Nephrology
Device – Therapeutic/Interventional System/System accessory Pivotal studies

Regulatory Approvals and Clearances

Product Candidate Region Approval/Clearance Year of Approval or Clearance
RenalGuard System EU CE Mark approval 2007

1Source: PharmSource Lead Sheet

Contact Information

RenalGuard Solutions, Inc. Key Officers
459 Fortune Blvd. Andrew Halpert, President
Milford, MA, 01757 USA Gregory W. Mann, Managing Director, Chief Business & Financial Officer
Phone: +1-508-541-8800 Kenneth J. Luppi, VP, Operations

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