Follow the Money: Fate Therapeutics, Inc.


Follow the Money highlights a newly funded bio/pharmaceutical company. This includes important insights into the featured company’s product pipeline, manufacturing and business relationships, and likely sourcing opportunities.

Fate Therapeutics, Inc. is a U.S. public pharmaceutical company that develops therapeutics based on modulating cell fate. As reported in the May 28, 2015 issue of the PharmSource Lead Sheet, Fate raised $32 million in the completion of a secondary public offering.

Corporate Highlights

  • Fate Therapeutics was incorporated in Delaware in 2007.
  • Corporate Headquarters: San Diego, CA – approximately 23,684 square feet of office and laboratory space.
  • As of December 31, 2014, Fate had 50 employees, including 23 engaged in R&D and 17 in clinical development and regulatory affairs.

Sourcing Opportunities

  • Fate plans to use the proceeds to support clinical R&D activities, working capital and other general corporate purposes.
  • The company relies on third parties to support the conduct of clinical trials and preclinical studies.
  • Fate does not own or operate manufacturing facilities and relies on contract manufacturers for all required materials for clinical trials.
  • The company has no sales, marketing or distribution capabilities.

Business Relationships

  • On May 4, 2015, Fate Therapeutics entered into a collaboration with Juno Therapeutics. Fate will study small molecules in an effort to boost Juno’s genetically-engineered T cell product candidates and turbocharge their effectiveness against cancer. Juno will pay Fate $5 million upfront and purchase one million shares of Fate common stock at $8 per share, as well as fund all mutual collaboration activities for an exclusive four-year research term.


Product Candidate Indication Dosage Form Status Next Anticipated Step
iPSC-derived CD34+, NK & T cells Not disclosed Parenteral Preclinical TBA
iPSC-derived myogenic cells Muscle Regeneration Parenteral Preclinical TBA
PD-L1 Programmed CD34+ cells Autoimmune disorders Parenteral Preclinical TBA
Programmed CAR-T/TCR Adoptive immunotherapies Parenteral Preclinical TBA
Programmed HCs Not disclosed Parenteral Preclinical TBA
ProTmune Hematologic malignancies (adult) Parenteral Preclinical Plans to submit IND in 2015
ProHema Inherited metabolic disorders (pediatric) Parenteral – Liquid Phase Ib TBA
ProHema Hematologic malignancies (pediatric) Parenteral – Liquid Phase Ib TBA
ProHema Hematologic malignancies (adult) Parenteral – Liquid Phase II TBA



(In $ thousands) 2014 2013
R&D Expenditures
General & Administrative Expenditures
Total Operating Expenses
Capital Expenditures

Contact Information

Fate Therapeutics, Inc. Key Officers
3535 General Atomics Court, Suite 200 Christian Weyer, MD, President & CEO
San Diego, CA 92121, USA Dan Shoemaker, PhD, CSO
Phone: 858-875-1800 Wendy Levi MD, VP, Clinical Development
Web: John Ferraro, VP, Clinical Operations
Moya Daniels, VP, Regulatory Affairs, CMC & Quality Assurance

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