CPhI North America

From: May 16 to: May 18, 2017


Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Right now, the pharma business is booming, and North America is at the center of a huge portion of the pharmaceutical business. The US alone accounts for 40% of the world’s pharmaceutical sales with a majority of the top companies—6 out of the top 11—being based in the US. This latest addition to the CPhI Pharma Events Portfolio is positioned to harness the strength of the renowned brand while catering exclusively to the growth of the North America market.
The Contract Services Market: Status and Strategies

Date: Wednesday, May 17
Time: 8:30 am to 10:00 am
Location: 116
Track: Insight Brief

After several years of aggressive consolidation, the contract services market now features bigger players that offer more diverse services. At the same time, smaller contract service manufacturers are filling the need for smaller run and specialty services. As the bio/pharma market diversifies, will it have the capabilities and capacities that drug owners demand? How will shifts in the political environment in the United States trigger changes to the bio/pharma sector and the supporting contract services market? Industry expert Jim Miller, president of PharmSource, A GlobalData company, will share his perspective on the contract services landscape and suggest strategies for outsourcing companies looking to grow in this sector.

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