Even More Data on Clinical Trials in PharmSource Lead Sheet


Happy Holidays from the PharmSource team! We are excited to announce that the PharmSource Lead Sheet now provides even more data on clinical trials.

A new direct hot link now takes you to the specific trial/s page on clinicaltrials.gov. The link shows pertinent trial information for the particular drug listed in the lead, such as expected trial completion date, study start date, location, number of patients enrolled and more. You’ll find this link at the bottom of the product information box on the right side of the lead as seen in the example below, when trial data is available.

Note that, the PharmSource Lead Sheet includes expected dates for study results and trial completion when announced by the company, and this date is frequently more accurate than the end dates shown in clinicaltrials.gov.

As shown in the figure above, contacts involved in the specific product trial are also now provided in the comment section, when obtainable. We hope this new feature will help you to find relevant drug trial information more quickly.

For questions about this feature or any other inquiries regarding the PharmSource Lead Sheet please contact our Director of Account Management, Blythe Moore, at +1.703.383.4903 ext. 104 | blythe.moore@pharmsource.com.

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