Early-stage Companies Signal New Business Opportunities


To alert our clients to possible early-stage drug development opportunities, a special “E” icon in the Corporate Finance section of the PharmSource Lead Sheet calls attention to these. This handy icon flags finance leads that involve a company that has just received new funding and is working with an early-stage pipeline (Figure 1). And as we all know, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a relatively new company in possession of a good fortune must be in want of services… services you may provide.

Figure 1: Sample early-stage company with newly received funding, easily identified by the “E” icon

In addition to finding these newly funded early-phase opportunities on the weekly Lead Sheet, you can also easily identify these in the database. Just go to Search for Leads > Status tab > Select Early Phase Drug Company with New Financing – then set a date range and get the search results in a single click.

In general, public information about early-stage companies is scarce. In fact, since February 2015, 9% of the companies we’ve tagged with the “E” icon as early-phase drug development companies don’t have websites, and 71% of those that do have websites lack pipeline details. This really demonstrates how the PharmSource Lead Sheet delivers frequent, genuine early-stage opportunities: these companies now have money and are ready to spend it. And fortunately for you, the volume of such opportunities in the Lead Sheet is trending up (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Growth trend in the number of early-stage companies with new funding

Finance leads tagged with the “E” icon overwhelmingly receive their cash from venture capital funding, 88% to be precise. The other 12% of financings come from government and other grants, milestone payments and private equity. The largest segment of these companies develop oncology drugs, followed by companies that produce Neurology/CNS, Cardiology/Vascular, Immunomodulator and Anti-viral treatments (Figure 3). Although it’s worth noting that if Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and Anti-infective were combined, this infectious disease category would come in second largest after oncology.

Figure 3: Early-stage companies with financing: by therapeutic area

You can see why it’s worth paying attention to that little “E” icon that pops-up on some finance leads. These leads are rife with opportunities just waiting to happen.

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