Early Phase Chemical API Product Development Opportunities


This is a snapshot of new business opportunities likely to surface soon in specific companies with small molecule API drug candidates that are currently in the earliest phases of clinical development. It also points to opportunities arising from newly funded early stage drug companies whose focus is on chemical APIs, but don’t yet have products.

The PharmSource Lead Sheet reports changes in clinical progress of these (and other) candidates: we know when they enter Discovery, when they plan to initiate a next-phase trial, when they report positive results, etc.

The chart below shows the number of these opportunities reported since June 1, 2015. We also know exactly who these companies are, where they’re located, their principal employees, and details on the source and amount of new funding, when applicable–and often more.

Companies with New Financing and
Early Phase Chemical API Drug Products: 6/1/2015 to 11/16/2015

Status Total
Early Phase Small Molecule Products 260
Newly financed company but no products yet 38

Source: PharmSource Lead Sheet

It’s strategic to look at Phase 1 opportunities in this category because these companies may be looking for a contract manufacturer that can scale up their later clinical requirements–and meet hoped-for eventual commercial needs. Here’s an example of the information we provide that flags a Phase 1 small molecule candidate event:

Company Description HQ Phone Contacts
Agios Pharmaceuticals
develops drugs that
target metabolic pathways
critical to cancer cell
growth, proliferation and survival.
38 Sidney St
Cambridge, MA
  • Scott Biller, PhD, CSO
  • Shin-San Michael Su, PhD, SVP R&D
  • Andrew Olaharski, PhD, Assoc. Dir., Toxicology
  • Sam Agresta, MD, Head, Clinical Development
  • Molly Prahl, Director, Clinical Science

Source: PharmSource Lead Sheet

Public information on early-stage bio/pharma companies often is hard to come by. Many of these companies don’t yet have web sites, and those that do often lack details, particularly pre-pipeline. This demonstrates the usefulness of the PharmSource Lead Sheet as a source that regularly identifies early-stage companies with funding. We’re seeing steady upward growth in the number of such companies. Here’s one recent example:

Company Description HQ Phone Contacts
ADC Therapeutics
develops oncology
drugs based on
ADC programs
targeting breast,
lung, prostate,
renal and
hematological cancer.
Route de la Corniche 3B
1066 Epalinges
+ 41 21 653 02 00
  • Simon Chivers, Head, Toxicology
  • Jay Feingold, CMO & Head, Oncology Clinical Dev.
  • Maria Cincotta, Exec. Dir., Clinical Operations
  • Michael mulkerring, PHD, Head, CMC

Source: PharmSource Lead Sheet

Early-phase small molecule API products and pre-pipeline new financings represent significant new business opportunities for API contract manufacturers specializing in this area. To learn more about the PharmSource Lead Sheet please contact us today.

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