Contract Dose Manufacturing Industry by the Numbers: Composition, Size, Market Share and Outlook – 2017 Edition

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This report provides an important expert quantitative analysis on the contract dose manufacturing industry. PharmSource is the most definitive, trustworthy source of strategic insight on this topic in the bio/pharmaceutical realm.

Founded on the industry’s most comprehensive database of the dose CMO industry (PharmSource’s Strategic Advantage Database of Contract Service Providers) this analysis is driven by our proprietary model of the dose manufacturing industry, which is continuously updated and refined. The model and assumptions are fully explained so readers can understand how the analysis and conclusions have been established.

  • This report characterizes the contract dose manufacturing industry along a number of quantitative dimensions, including number and type of participants, market size and market shares of the top CMOs, and provides PharmSource’s expert outlook for the industry.
  • The contract dose manufacturing universe, for purposes of this report, includes companies that actively promote themselves as contract manufacturers (CMOs) that produce a client’s formulations for pharmaceuticals supplied to the highly regulated markets in North America, Europe and Japan.
  • The report defines the contract dose manufacturing universe as including 282 companies headquartered primarily in North America, Europe, Japan and India.

This 29-page report includes an Executive Summary and chapters on Industry Size and Structure, Industry Size and Growth, CMO Market Shares and concludes with a chapter on The Outlook for the Dose CMO Industry, which provides further analysis and assesses the report’s implications for the dose CMO industry. In addition, it includes an appendix on methodology.

Who should buy this report?

The expertise and skilled analysis in this 29-page report gives important insight you won’t find in any other source. This report is required reading for:

  • CMO executives and strategic decision-makers: you’ll find this report an indispensable resource for understanding the industry and a critical input for strategic planning efforts.
  • Sourcing and procurement executives in bio/pharmaceutical companies: you’ll find the report a critical resource for understanding crucial components of the supply base that will provide insights for supplier selection and management.
  • Private equity investors: you’ll get a deeper understanding of the market and important insight for identifying potential investment targets.

Published July 2017