Contacts Are Where It’s At


The true purpose of the PharmSource Lead Sheet is to keep you abreast of any event that would create an opportunity for a service or product provider in the drug, device or diagnostic development arena. In order to create this weekly business development tool we track drugs from discovery through to marketed, alert you to bio/pharma companies that have raised funds, then detail how they plan to use the money, and break down product deals and acquisitions. What do you need most now that you are armed with this new information? Verified contacts.

We spend up to 200 hours a month on quality control, predominantly adding, updating and verifying the contact names for each company that appears on the Lead Sheet. This way you have the most up-to-date names, titles and email addresses at your disposal. We further categorize all contacts into helpful designations such as Sourcing, Preclinical, Clinical, Research, CMC R&D, Manufacturing and Regulatory to quickly point you to the contact you need.

Now you have the perfect combination of a weekly delivery of current leads with the right contact information. Not only are you aware of opportunities, but you can reach out immediately to seal the deal. Happy hunting!

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Brooke is a Senior Research Analyst at PharmSource, and heads the PharmSource Lead Sheet research team. Prior to joining the company in 2005, Brooke was a Scientific Research Assistant for a biotechnology company in Sydney, Australia. Brooke has a BS degree in Biotechnology with Honours from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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