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April 2017

Welcome to the April 2017 issue of CMC Market Outlook

This monthly e-newsletter provides valuable insights for both buyers and sellers of CMC drug development services. Our coverage will help you identify and understand market trends that will inform your strategic business perspective.

Enjoy the April issue!

The PharmSource Team


Strong Economic Growth Draws Pharma Companies to Malaysia

A rapidly growing pharma market and environment friendly to clinical trials are among the features that are attracting a growing number of multinational pharmaceutical companies to Malaysia. However, those pluses are balanced by decided favoritism toward domestic production, seen in government supply contracts and tax codes.

According to a September 2016 report by PharmSource’s colleagues at GlobalData, Malaysia’s pharma market is set to grow from $2.3 billion in 2015 to $3.6 billion by 2020, registering a compound annual growth rate of… read on

NDA Outsourcing Up, Despite NME Decline

In 2016, outsourced dose form manufacturing of NDA approvals reached 60%, some 10% higher than the five-year average. This and other insights into CMO performance were revealed in PharmSource’s recently published CMO Scorecard.

In what proved to be a mediocre year for drug approvals, the increase in outsourcing levels was restricted to the manufacture of non-new molecular entities (NMEs), which stood at 64%, the report disclosed. In contrast, just under half of all NMEs were… read on

Should More Pharma Products be Made in the USA?

by Jim Miller, President

The bio/pharmaceutical industry is still buzzing about President Trump’s meeting with pharmaceutical executives on Jan. 31, 2017. While promising the industry lower taxes and less regulation, the President emphasized that those benefits will come only if the industry lowers drug prices and moves more manufacturing back to the United States.

The President’s insistence that manufacturing move back to the US set off a wave of promises from the bio/pharmaceutical industry about the number of jobs that might be created, including a projection by… read on

M&A in the CMC Services Industry: Implications and Outlook

PharmSource’s just-released trend report, M&A in the CMC Services Industry: Implications and Outlook, analyzes how M&A in the bio/pharma contract services industry is likely to play out over the next two years. Key questions it addresses include:

1. Which capabilities are likely to be most in demand by acquirers?

2. Which companies are likely to be the most active acquirers?

3. What developments would most likely slow M&A activity?


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