Avoid This: Don’t Let the Strong Selling Environment
Weaken Your Customer Service


We’ve been busy speaking with our colleagues around the industry, and hearing from most quarters that sales are robust. Repeat business remains a strong backbone for many companies, and lots of companies report that new business is coming in “over the transom,” essentially unsolicited.

In this environment it’s easy to let customer service slip: if you’re reaching for the nearest incentive, it’s likely you’ll be more motivated to spend time with a new sales contact, rather than responding to an existing client’s non-urgent inquiry. It’s not that these are mutually exclusive, but nonessential customer inquiries can have a hard time competing with the excitement of bringing along a new customer.

Thinking about customer service strategically can yield big benefits to the longer-term bottom line. Too few companies quantify customer service, though it’s a strongly recommended practice. In a Business2Community posting, Marilyn Suttle addresses this and suggests:

  1. Acknowledge where you may have been skipping steps with current customers.
  2. Discuss customer service challenges with your colleagues and bring up the issue where it can be addressed among the sales team.
  3. Work with the sales team to identify tactical ways to ensure regular, timely and effective customer service.
  4. Be accountable for upholding customer service values.

The roots of repeat business lie in the customer’s experience – on several levels. Make sure your efforts for clients stay strongly aligned with their expectations.

To read the posting on Business2Community click here.

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