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Brooke is a Senior Research Analyst at PharmSource, and heads the PharmSource Lead Sheet research team. Prior to joining the company in 2005, Brooke was a Scientific Research Assistant for a biotechnology company in Sydney, Australia. Brooke has a BS degree in Biotechnology with Honours from the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Contacts Are Where It’s At

The true purpose of the PharmSource Lead Sheet is to keep you abreast of any event that would create an opportunity for a service or product provider in the drug, device or diagnostic development arena. In order to create this weekly business development tool we track drugs from discovery through to marketed, alert you to […]

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PharmSource Coverage of AACR 2017 Yields Valuable BD Info

You might have noticed it was a busy week on the PharmSource Lead Sheet. The beginning of April found myself and fellow Research Analyst, Mahdia Hashimy, covering the 2017 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference in Washington DC. Here we gathered all the latest news and early research data in the oncology field from […]

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Biosimilars: Like Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling

The FDA describes a biosimilar as a biological product that is approved based on a showing that it is highly similar to an FDA-approved biological product, known as a reference product, that has no clinically meaningful differences in terms of safety and effectiveness from the reference product. Only minor differences in clinically inactive components are […]

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Using the PharmSource Lead Sheet for Trend Analysis

We aren’t just interested in weekly leads here at PharmSource, but in trends over months, and from year-to-year. The dashboard you land on each week when you click on your PharmSource Lead Sheet link immediately delivers you a visual depiction of weekly trends broken down in a variety of different ways, including by Development Phase […]

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Early-stage Companies Signal New Business Opportunities

To alert our clients to possible early-stage drug development opportunities, a special “E” icon in the Corporate Finance section of the PharmSource Lead Sheet calls attention to these. This handy icon flags finance leads that involve a company that has just received new funding and is working with an early-stage pipeline (Figure 1). And as […]

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Lead Sheet Trivia Game: Play to Win!

Here at PharmSource, we want to make sure some fun goes along with the serious work. That’s why we created PharmSource Lead Sheet Deep Dive Trivia. It’s a fun way to test your skills using the database search engine – and in return you could win a $20 Starbucks gift card! Our monthly trivia questions […]

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