Summary of 2015 ASCO Oncology Candidates by Technology Reported in PharmSource Lead Sheet (June 2015)


The PharmSource Lead Sheet research team covered this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago earlier this month. Our on-site attendance at events like this gets new information on clinical product updates to our clients days or even weeks earlier than other sources.

We picked up new information on many next generation immunotherapies, and even more updates on more traditional pharmacological agents. The chart below gives a nice visual picture of how the clinical pipeline currently differs between novel technologies and existing technologies.

Existing technologies include small molecules such as kinase inhibitors and cytotoxics; and large molecule drugs like monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins. Newer technologies include chimeric antigen receptor T-cells, programmed death inhibitors, oncolytic viruses and others. While in their infancy, these are highly specialized, with only a few larger CDMOs (i.e., Lonza, WuXi) providing services.

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