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CMOs Out in Force at JP Morgan

At the recent JP Morgan conference in San Francisco, I had the chance to talk to contract service providers, CRO presenters and a growing number of CMOs in attendance. M&A involving CMOs and CDMOs was a big topic of discussion. Many of the presenting CMOs claimed..

Our Thinking

Outlook for the CMO Industry

The outlook for the contract manufacturing industry is being shaped by several significant trends. The well-financed pipeline makes the near term outlook favorable, but much depends on the number of new approvals for small and mid-size companies. Injectables CMOs should…

Market Intelligence

Demand and Supply for Contract Manufacturing of Conventional Injectable Drugs Through 2019

This extensive study estimates the demand for contract injectable manufacturing through 2019 and analyzes the supply and demand relationships for these services. Accompanied by a report on the cytotoxic injectable drug outlook, this expert report covers…

Trend Reports

Catching a Wave: How Much Will CMOs Benefit From Biosimilars?

Regulatory developments in the United States, coupled with impending patent expiry, have paved the way for the introduction of biosimilars of increasing technical complexity. In the European Union, 20 first wave biosimilars, consisting of…